1hour session pilates or personal training £40 . please get in touch to make appointments 07725811133

With  years of experience brings a wealth of fun, variation and motivation. I have spent many years training clients in gyms and have found that incorporating outdoor power walks/jogging with conditioning exercises en route, really gives you a sense of freedom which is great for de-stressing.


Some clients prefer to incorporate pilates with fitness training with an all round strengthening programme


Personal training will commence with a fitness assessment where baseline measurements are taken and reassessed every 12 weeks.


Assessment comprises of:

1. Body mass and BMI

2. Body fat percentage

3. Blood pressure check

4. Heart rate recovery test YMCA 12” step test

6. Flexibility sit and reach box test

7. Sit ups (if no history of low back pain)

8. Press up endurance test

9. Strength grip test


A full fitness report is produced outlining strength and weaknesses. Aims and goals are addressed with a fitness programme highlighting heart rates, frequency, duration and intensity of exercise. Food diaries are also checked and dietary advice given.