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£50 per hour session please contact me direct to make appointment tel 07725811133.

Rehabilitation is key when treating an injury to ensure that you are able to train safely and avoid making it worse and delaying healing.  Conditioning and strengthening are vital so that full function can be obtained for a quick return to sport or work.


As a graduate Sports Therapist my role includes:


* Examination and assessment including full patient history.

* Assessment of walking gait and muscle imbalances.

* Neurological assessment

* Diagnosis of injury or referral if needed

* Treatment of injury

* The use of gentle graded mobilisations techniques of all joints

    (including neck and spine) to increase range of movement and

    decrease stiffness and pain.

* Electrotherapy modalities including therapeutic

   ultrasound,LASER,interferental and TENS

* Sports massage (very deep tissue)

* Manual Therapy



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