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"Bridgette Lee is an excellent Pilates teacher.  She knows how to keep us on our toes - literally and metaphorically.  She changes the routine weekly, and I discover, weekly, muscle groups I had long forgotten about.   Her classes are hard work but fun, strenuous but gentle, and I feel so much better about my body - flexibility, strength, posture - and to find one's "core" is an added bonus!   An excellent work out and so constructive for better health and well being.  I would not miss a class 'for the world!"


"Great thing about the personal pilates classes with Bridgette is that she understands quickly what individuals need and are capable of , so tailors things to be challenging, beneficial, varied  and fun.   Also enjoy the spinning classes as they are often different, have great music and again are challenging and fun with the group pushing each other along."


"I’ve been going to Bridgette’s pilates classes for seven years and she still manages to come up with new exercises every week!  She always offers different levels, or alternative exercises for anyone with injuries, so everyone is challenged.  I’ve really benefited from Bridgette’s pilates over the years; several long-term injuries have completely cleared up and I’m much stronger. My improved core strength helps my singing too."  


"I've been going to Bridgette's pilates classes for many years now. She is an excellent teacher and certainly knows her stuff. She really listens to people who have aches and pains or injuries and helps them get the most out of the class". 


What people are saying about me and my classes:


"I have had ongoing back problems  but since I've been going to Pilates on a regular basis I've had so much less discomfort and my core strength has really improved ! The classes are really good fun as well."


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