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Bridgette Lee

Originally I trained as a gym instructor through YMCA in London through Leicester university and then soon became an advanced level three/four  personal trainer after  obtaining 22 different qualifications in fitness training and pilates. For the past eighteen years I have trained every size and shape of person who have a wide variety of aims and goals, injuries  also  GP referrals.  In 2005 I gained a Bachelor of Science HONS  Degree in Sports Therapy after a three-year course at Chichester University. I spent two years with both professional and non-professional football clubs, dealing with acute and chronic injury on and off the field. Teaching for  eighteen years has allowed me to specialised  in pilates teaching beginner,pre/ postnatal ,mixed ability through to advanced levels  , you could say i'm  extremely passionate to this amazing subject.

Between teaching  i'm a mobile sports therapist treating/rehabilitating  injuries either sport related or non sports injuries treating in  patients homes  . I have a very varied job , i meet amazing people every week i feel extremely blessed.



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